High Street Murals School Signs

Make your own high street across your play space and encourage teachers for all ages of children to take learning outside and along your high street. 

  • Younger children can roleplay characters from the high street particularly when they have written a shopping list! A great way to introduce money!
  • Children can roleplay doctors handing out prescriptions, Sally handing out snacks with reciepts or Betty fulfilling orders for iced buns!
  • Maths skills can be enchanced when children go outside to calculate total prices or change for items in any of the shops. Extend this to how much or how many can I buy for £1.
  • Older children can complete maths tasks regarding discounted prices with fractions or percentages off.
  • Children can also discuss whether to keep and promote the local high street or support out of town retail centres. This discussion can take place on the site of your high street!

Albert Potts The Quality Greengrocer £49.00

Ambulance Cut Out £32.00

Betty Bun The Bakers £59.00

Binda's Bargain's Convenience Store £54.00

Bob Noggin's Home Hardware £54.00

Bus Stop £32.00

Busy High Street £29.00

County Fire Station - Option 1 £65.00

County Fire Station - Option 2 £75.00

Direction Signs £10.00

Fire Engine Cut Out £29.00

High Street Mural - Café Antoine £65.00

Inspire Me! Let's Talk! £49.00

Lizzie Lovegood's Arts and Crafts Shop £59.00

Mario's - The Gentleman's Barber £59.00

Molly Blossom the Florist £54.00

Pillar Box £24.00

Police Car Cut-Out £32.00

Postman and Van £32.00

Sally's Snack Shack £49.00