Behaviour & Mindfulness School Signs

Signs to help children reflect on their actions, understand what good behaviour looks like and learn a range of mindfulness techniques to help the calming down and reflection process.

"The Mindfulness Challenge" £15.00

"You can’t be everyone’s best friend but..." £11.00

'Mindfulness' 8 Thought Bubbles £19.00

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'Our expectations' Sign Set £39.20

'The Gruffalo' Lunchtime Rules Sign £25.00

Arched Playground Rules Sign £39.00

Behaviour Rocket - Classroom Sign £29.00

Big Rainbow Rules Sign £39.00

Circular Educate Against Hate £19.00

Cool-Off Corner £13.00

Inspire Me! Behaviour Blues? £39.00

Jungle Buddies Rules Sign £44.00

Our Environment - Little Changes Every Day... £9.50

Set of 10 Manners Signs £14.00

Set of 12 Wise Words Signs £21.00

Set of 15 Positive Affirmations £12.00

Set of 4 Playground Manners Signs £12.00

Set of 6 Super Friends Signs £25.00

Signpost Rules Sign £49.00

Six Friendship Rules Sign £39.00