Buddy Signs School Signs

Our range of buddy signs are a great way to form friendships in the playground! 

Take a look at our popular Friendship Stop Playground Wall Sign and Friendship Stop Playground Swing Sign

"You can’t be everyone’s best friend but..." £11.00

Buddy Bench Sign £21.00

Buddy Stop £21.00

Buddy Stop Wall Sign £26.00

Friendship Bench Sign £21.00

Friendship Stop Wall Sign £28.00

Pillar Sign - Boy + Dog £129.00

Pillar Sign - Buddy Bus Stop £129.00

Pillar Sign - Kids on Bench £129.00

Pillar Sign - Meet a friend, Make a friend £129.00

Sorry is... £15.00

Swing Sign - Buddy Stop £125.00

Swing Sign - Buddy Stop with Children in Uniform £125.00

Swing Sign - Friendship Stop £125.00

ZOG Buddy Stop Pillar Sign £129.00