Our Healthy Bodies School Signs

Learn about the body with our range of healthy eating and body signs! These signs feature fruit and vegetable friezes and cut-out panels, along with info-graphics that highlight good and bad food types to help children make healthy choices!

'Stay Healthy' Signs - Set of 4 £18.00

Body Parts Chalk Sign £109.00

Daily Mile Sign Set £119.00

Fruit Friezes £21.00

Fruity Friends £15.00

Healthy Choice Traffic Light Signs £21.00

Let's Get Active - Set of 8 From £15.00

My Five Senses Sign £28.00

Our Muscles Sign £59.00

Our Organs Sign £59.00

Our Skeleton Sign £59.00

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! £21.00

The Human Body £159.00

Vegetable Friezes £21.00

Veggie Legends £15.00