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Follow this link to see cool things to read outside!!

We were delighted to hear how a Leicester school read about the  successes of the Manchester based school featured in our 'Inspire Me! Reading Buddies'. They told us how they'd gone even further to support adventures in reading.

Simon Hughes, Y6 teacher and Literacy Senior Manager told us:
We implemented a Reading Buddy system after seeing the article on the Charlie Fox Inspire Me pages. It has been going brilliantly. 

I initiated a survey to get a better idea of our children's reading habits and the results were stunning, particularly for the 8 year olds and older. It seemed that the amount of outside school paper / book based reading reduced significantly from this age and was almost invariably replaced with reading online, often just subtitles on videos, online searches and gaming information such as walkthroughs. 

We have constantly encouraged children to take books home from their class library or the school library but it seems most of these are read as part of silent reading during registration rather than at home. This was disappointing given the amount of effort staff put in to encouraging and monitoring this, but perhaps it is just the way of the modern child.

To beat this, we built on the reading opportunities in school to include every possible chance to read while children are not in lessons. Our playground is now a wealth of "wider reading opportunities" covering history, geography, science and more! We also have some additional reading content in our corridors and during wet play, older children are allowed into the corridor to read. They view this as a treat and despite expecting some noise complaints from staff, this has not happened. In fact, it has led to some fascinating conversations between staff and children about the information they have read. They are finding the non-fiction focus fascinating.

If your school has these apparently normal experiences of a reduction in reading as children get older, try the inspiration that comes from standing up and reading outside!

Follow this link to see cool things to read outside!!

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