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Reading & Writing starts with TALK!
All Early Years staff know the importance of talk. 

Staff at numerous Birmingham schools noted how poor language skills were when children started in the Nursery and Reception – Everything from babbling and limited language to not talking at all!

Aisha K, EYFS leader took this concern and made one big change to her Early Years outside area!

“We installed a High Street across the whole end of our Infant playground. Every day children would dress up and visit the street. They were encouraged to talk about where they were going, what they could see and write or draw a shopping list before they went! There was so much to see and talk about with Miss Chand (TA) both while they were on the High Street and back in class. In observations we listened to children talk with each other about what they were going to do when they went next time!” Miss Kaur EYFS leader
“My class wouldn’t stop buzzing about the reception children playing on the High Street. They were fascinated! I take them out regularly now for numeracy and made worksheets for the Café and several other shops. I know it is numeracy, but my class see it as a treat!” Mrs Church Y2
“Class discussions are usually fun but the one about the council and the high street / out-of-town retail park was extra special. We had the discussion after going on a “site visit” to the high street which is actually the playground for the little children. Going there just made the discussion much more realistic. We even had some of our class in role as the shop keepers and we could ask them about the proposal.

Now we are writing persuasive arguments to the council, and they will be better and easier because it like we have lived experience!” Arjun Y6
“Setting description of a street – piece of cake when we popped onto the infant playground with our clipboards. I have never seen such enthusiasm for writing together with descriptions of sights, sounds and smells.” Miss France Y3 Reluctant Writers HLTA

 Talk about Raising Standards in Literacy!

         This fantastic idea can be used with the wide range of Street Murals! 

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